Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mohamed Amin Didi

l Ameer Mohamed Amin Dhoshimeynaa Kilegefaanu (Dhivehi: އަލްއަމީރު މުހައްމަދު އަމީން ދޮށިމޭނާ ކިލެގެފާނު) (July 20, 1910- 1953) popularly known as Mohamed Amin Didi was a Maldivian political figure. He served as first president of the Maldives as the head of government between January 1, 1953 and August 21, 1953. Amin Didi was also the principal of Majeediyya School from 1946 to 1953.

Mohamed Amin Didi was the leader of the first political party in the Maldives, Rayyitunge Muthagaddim Party. He was well known for his efforts for the advancement of women and education in Maldives.

With the support of the people he abolished the 812 years old sultanate and became the first president of the Maldives on 1 January 1953. But he always supported a constitutional Monarchy.

After the death of Sultan Majeed Didi and his son Prince Hassan Fareed Didi, the members of the parliament chose Mr Amin Didi to be the next person who is capable to be as a sultan. But the same moment he stood up and shouted that "for the sake of the people of Maldives I would not accept the crown and the throne". And so a referendum was held and Maldives became a republic. But the republic was short lived and a revolution was brought by the people of Male`,while the president was in Ceylon for medical treatment.

Velaanaagey Ibaraahim Didi ,the vice president of Amin became the head of revolutionary government and ordered to arrest Mr Amin Didi as soon as he returned. Mr Amin Didi was not aware of these events which had taken place in his absence and he returned to the country ignorant of what have happened .

When he returned, he was arrested and taken to Dhoonidhoo island. He was told on the way that he is not any more the president. Four months later after his arrest, secret letters were exchanged between him and Ibrahim Hilmy Didi, to bring an end to this revolutionary government and to restore the monarchy. Ibrahim Hilmy as the king and Amin Didi as the prime minister. (Mr Ibraahim Hilmy lied to Amin Didi by saying that the people are still on his side).

According to their plan Mr Amin didi came to male at night, and went straight to the headquarters of Maldivian Police. People learned that there deposed leader had returned back to male. So almost everyone started to gather at Gulha kulhey fasgandu. There he was beaten up and was severely injured. Mr Heyna Yahyaa was running by shouting "hey people ,please kill him for the sake of god and i will take all the blame for that".

Mr Amin was then banished to Gaafaru island and later brought back to vihamanaafushi island (Now Kurumbaa Island Resort and at that time it was an uninhabited island). Mohamed Amin ,Once a loved and respected leader passed away in that island on 19 January 1954 at 1:05 am. He was 44 years old. Before his death he Forgave every Maldivian except Mudhimu salih and Mudhimu Dhon thuthu,the two brothers who harmed his genitals.

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