Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Qur'anic Narrative

Musa and Harun set off to the Firaun, and when they arrive he is told about their divine mission and that he should let the Israelites go. Firaun rebukes him by saying that the Egyptians looked after him, and he reminds Musa that he has killed an Egyptian. Musa acknowledges this, and says that did that before he received his message from God. Firaun enquires as to who this god of Musa's is. It is GOD (ALLAH in Arabic), he is told, the Creator of everything. At one point Firaun threatens him with prison, as he says there can be no gods other than himself, but he eventually asks Musa for a sign to see if he is telling the truth. Musa throws down his rod and it turns into a huge snake. He then draws forth his hand and it shines with brilliant white light. Pharaoh, however, rejects these signs as 'evident/manifest sorcery'. Firaun's chiefs wonder why they should believe in two men like themselves, and Israelite men at that. Musa is outraged at their reaction to the truth. He warns them to accept God or face the consequences. Firaun discusses the issue with his chiefs. They tell him that Musa's plan is to overthrow the Firaun by turning the people away from their established religion. Firaun tells them to stall Musa and Harun whilst well-versed sorcerers are found. These sorcerers are promised rewards and power. Firaun then arranges with Musa for him to come to the Day of the Festival.

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